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Veterinary Nursing

 As the name suggests, this stream of Animal Care and Management focuses on Veterinary Nursing, where nursing staff work with veterinarians in animal hospitals and private practices.

In Victoria there are approximately 1,000-1,200 veterinary nurses. Veterinary Nursing comprises mostly small practices, with one survey estimating there to be about 1,980 veterinary practices Australia-wide. According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey in 2002, approximately 14% of all Veterinary Nurses in Australia are employed in Victoria. Veterinary Nurses work in veterinary practices, animal welfare organisations, research and teaching institutions, or appropriate government bodies. The Veterinary Nursing Council of Australia, formed in 1993 with its head office in Bendigo, is the peak industry body with about 1,100 members nationally.

According to industry requirements, this stream of the Animal Care and Management Training Package is to be coniducted as a Certificate IV and Diploma level qualification.

LevelJob RoleRecommended Qualification
Level 4Veterinary NurseCertificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
Level 5Specialist Surgical Veterinary Nurse
Specialist Dental Veterinary Nurse
Specialist Emergency and Critical Veterinary Nurse
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Surgical)
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Dental)
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Emergency and Critical Care)

Further information on this profession can be obtained by viewing the The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia Inc. website at http://www.vnca.asn.au/